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Our Writing Guides


Academic Writing Overview – get a broad view on good writing.

Writing Levels – this helps line edit and revise quickly.

Writing Process – tailor your writing process to work the best for you.

Writing Critically – become a master of analysis.


Reading as a Writer – top tips on reading to improve your writing.

Resource Assessment Tables – be more thoughtful with what you read.

Notemaking – get better at it.

Annotated Bibliography – the most useful research skill you aren’t doing yet.

Referencing – gotta do it.

Freewriting – let the words pour out. See if it helps.

Outlining – make some plans!

Refining the Thesis – will help you focus your text so you don’t waste time later.

Reverse Outlining – will allow you to make structural choices from a draft.

Introductions – make these clear and effective with structure.

Paraphrasing – this is a crucial step to clear expression without plagiarising.

Proofreading – don’t rush this part.


Academic Essays – overview on structure, style.

Philosophy Writing Guide – top tips and sample feedback.

Dissertation – general guidance on the task.

Lab Report Writing Overview

Lab Report Writing Process – work better, write better.

Lab Reports, Structurally – organise it!

Literature Reviews – tips to write a literature review

Reflective Journal – not as different as you may think.



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